Automatic Car Intensive Driving Courses

Active Automatic have professional intensive driving courses in an automatic car. These are simply fast pass courses which last weeks, rather than months. Courses are expertly prepared and tailored to learner needs.

Our intensive courses are a favorite with people with little time, those who need to learn quickly for work purposes and simply quick learners who feel they are better suited to an intensive styled course.

Starting with an assessment lesson our driving instructors can estimate which package is most suited to you based on your current skills and how quickly you are able to gain additional skills and knowledge on the assessment. We can also then plan the course focusing on all your skills and areas which need attention.

Lessons can be arranged to suit you around work, study or any other main commitments. Courses are taken in a professional and relaxed environment allowing you to learn in the shortest time with as little stress and cost as possible.

Why take intensive driving lessons in an automatic car?

An automatic intensive driving course or crash course is a way to condense your driving lessons over a much shorter period of time.

These lessons are particularly useful for people who are unable to take lessons on a weekly basis regularly. Courses are also good for people who just want to learn to drive a quicker way with a view to getting on the road safely and sooner. Whatever your reasons are, we have instructors who can get you passed fast.

How these courses work