theory test & practical driving test

We conduct driving test using Pontefract driving test centre. As specialists we have expert knowledge of the area and testing requirements. Below is an overview of the theory test and practical test.

theory test - cars

The theory test aims to improve the knowledge of learner by giving them a better understanding of the skills, responsibilities and rules of the road for car drivers. The test contains a multiple choice theory questions and hazard perception part. Before you can book a practical test both part of the theory will need to be passed successfully.

The multiple choice part has 45 main questions and 5 case study questions which relate to various car driving matters. To pass you will need a pass mark of 43, or more out of 50.

The hazards perception part is a set of short 1 minute clips which are watched on a computer screen and taken from a car drivers perspective. Featuring realistic road situations you will need to react to any major developing hazards using a computer mouse. The earlier you respond accordingly, the more points you will score for each clip.

Scoring is between zero and 5 points and the pass mark is 44, or more out of 75.

practical driving test

The practical driving test will last for about 40 minutes. The test contains an eyesight check, vehicle safety questions and a driving section which has a independant driving part.

During the main driving section the examiner will give you directions, in good time throughout the test. You may be asked to demonstrate an emergency stop, complete 1 reversing exercise safely and show that you can drive independantly.

The examiner will allow up to 15 minor driving faults. However, you must avoid any serious or dangerous faults to pass the driving test.

test preparation

Active Automatic propery prepare learners for the driving test. During your driving lessons with us, we conduct mock driving test which simulates the real driving test. All driving test requirement will be covered in detail which is why we have a good track record at Pontefract driving test centre.

The Driving Standards Agency (DSA) conduct driving test in the UK. Learn more about the theory & practical driving test by visiting the website below :